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Watching empires decline

Here’s a little visualization of the decline of four great colonial powers: France, Great Britain, Portugal and Spain. Although I miss the Netherlands, and a delineation of the rise of colonialism, it’s great work and interesting to watch.

Visualizing empires decline from Pedro M Cruz on Vimeo.


Civilisation works great on TV

On smashing telly! I saw a Channel 4  program: The 50 Greatest Documentaries, and among the ones featured was BBC’s 1969 (colour!) venture Civilisation with Kenneth Clark.

One of the things that makes Civilisation great TV is that it’s such a personal account. This isn’t anonymous lecturing under the guise of scientific objectivity, but a passionate plea for culture in a society threatened by a cold war suddenly turning hot.

Here’s a little sample. Take it away, Kenneth!

The entire series is for sale here