EPUB now available on Google Books

I’m happy to learn that Google Books have made their public domain books available for download in the EPUB format. This is a nice supplement to the existing image-based PDF version, because you’re no longer tied to large size displays -which, obviously, is where PDF works best.


In a previous post I outlined the advantages of EPUB, but they’re well worth restating: EPUB is a free open standard designed to make text adapt (“reflow”) even to the smallest displays, and it’s supported by a growing ecosystem of digital reading devices.

All you need to get started on classics like Treasure Island is a reader. For instance, O’Reilly’s Bookworm is free online, and available in a growing number of languages. If you’re an iPhone user, you can install Stanza. Perhaps I should add that these two readers have been reviewed in Wired.

However, Google Books is not the only place, you can download EPUBs; ManyBooks, Feedbooks and Project Gutenberg are also available.


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  1. 1 A. Rego December 14, 2009 at 3:42 am

    One of the reasons I love my Kindle so much is that it’s so easy to hold and read while I’m feeding my newborn. She ususally closes her eyes halfway through her bottle and starts to fall asleep. I can hold her bottle in one hand and my Kindle in the other with my thumb on the next page button. There is no sound to wake her up and mommy and baby can both relax together. I just wish I had one 4 years ago when my son was born!

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