Out with the new, in with the old

For the moment it certainly seems as though the public uproar against Facebook’s recent changes to the Terms of Sevice has had an effect. On his blog Mark Zuckerberg  says that:

A couple of weeks ago, we revised our terms of use hoping to clarify some parts for our users. Over the past couple of days, we received a lot of questions and comments about the changes and what they mean for people and their information. Based on this feedback, we have decided to return to our previous terms of use while we resolve the issues that people have raised.

Very well -at least for now. It’ll be interesting to see exactly how (and if) these issues will be resolved.

I remain sceptical, because Zuckerberg appears to be talking about the change of ToS as an attempt to get rid of what he regards as “overly formal and protective … [language]” in the old ToS.

But this is simply downplaying a genuine disagreement between Facebook and it’s users. The new ToS are suspended, not abolished, and so the question remains: Exactly who owns the content you create on Facebook? You do, for now; but for how long?


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