Morrissey’s Years Of Refusal Out Now!

Today is Moz day! The new album Years of Refusal is on sale now, and very soon I’ll be heading out in a beautifully snow clad Copenhagen to get my copy.

Not gonna say very much about it just now, but from the few tracks I’ve heard it seems that there’s more edge to this one than its 2006 predecessor Ringleader Of The Tormentors.

I’m not talking about the strength of the lyrics or the songs, it’s a production thing. Producing a Morrissey album you should be able to appreciate the contradictory instead of trying to abolish it.

Perhaps Jerry Finn, who also produced You Are The Quarry back in 2004, thought so too. At any rate it seems that he has given much more prominence to the band (and most certainly the drummer) than Tony Visconti did on Ringleader Of The Tormentors. It adds friction, and I like that.

So sad that Years Of Refusal was to be Jerry Finn’s last Morrissey album. Finn recently died tragically at age 39.

For more info on downloads and the forthcoming tour check out or simply just have fun on myspace.


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